Miroku O/U 12 gauge


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Good friend lost his job after 32+ years, the company did nothing as a gesture for his service. I passed the hat and we bought him a Miroku O/U that is branded as a Charles Daly....a hair under 7 lbs, mint shape, about 50 years old. Miroku makes many Browning models, including the Citori. Paid $900 plus tax...POW grip...looks like a basic Citori...shoulders really nicely, well balanced gun...28” pipes...I think my pal is gonna love this gun!


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BB very nice of you to do that for a friend. Guys take a huge hit to our ego's when we lose our jobs. We are kind of tied into that as a part of our self esteem. Your gesture goes a long way to show that he has value in this world!


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THANKS GUYS. Nice remarks. Really wanted to solicit or inquire about people's experience or knowledge of these Miroku guns...I am really thrilled with this gun! They were making them from about '63-'73 for Charles Daly, then Browning came in and had an exclusive with Miroku...still exists today, they make all the BSS's and Citori's for Browning...a good deal, IMO...THANKS!!!!


SoDak Sports in Aberdeen brought in shipments of them and a few other smaller town dealers around there got them as well in the mid 70s so there are quite a few of them in that area. My dad picked one up from a seed dealer around that time that tried it out but wanted to get in on the 3in autos that was just starting to become more popular at the time. They were designed specifically for trap shooting with the fixed chokes and 2&3/4 only so it was less than optimal for an all around hunter on duck/geese but a great trap and pheasant gun. Many Olympic gold medals for trap were won with Mirokus. My dad shot trap league with it, pheasants and early duck- ran piles of hot reloads through it for decades. When pheasant numbers dropped in the dry 80s years and were harder to come by, he passed it on to me and got a 3in auto. I used it for everything until it got to needing it's 250,000 round tune up. It had a vent rib comes loose by that time, would stick when the break was open and had plenty of car door checkering on the stock from road hunting. I was lightening out the door with the 28 in barrels. I was also the bird dog so I would make my 2 shots count and get them in quick. Then into the ditch. I was a good boy. Shooting the Miroku made me a better than average shot because I had to.

My brother went to gunsmith school and it became his project gun. Chokes got opened up a bit, forcing cone extended, stock got restored and dents taking out, got a belgian blue finish with buffed down receiver (can't hot blue with a welded spot). It needs a special tool to get it back together and we misplaced that somewhere so lately it has been in pieces in the basement. Got to make another of those tools and get it running again for some nostalgia hunts. To our family it is the original weapon of mass pheasant destruction.