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  • McFarmer... Thanks for the reply about picking up empty’s. I really wish we respected the WIA’s a little bit more. We lost some of my best areas this year, and I hate the idea that my daughters might not be able to hunt the same way that I’ve been able to. I think we do a decent job, but could do a lot better... In your reply, you said you’re a land owner and it sounds like you occasionally allow people to hunt your land. Yesterday was the first day I had any desire to hunt private land. Yesterday was tough for me, and it seemed every piece of private had birds, while the public land didnt. My question is, how do private land owners feel about guys asking to hunt their land? I’ve never knocked on doors because I feel like they probably get asked a lot, however, I’m starting to wonder if it might be worth it. Since IÂ’ve never done it, I was curious how the land owners feel about it before I start knocking. Thanks

    Travis Tangen
    I inquired about the Dew Drop no till seeder down at Spencer.. They are about 7K new. Dickinson county does not have one. Clay county Pheasants Forever does have one that they rent out. Ill probably go that route. Thanks for the info.

    Rollie Peschon
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