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Well I have been pretty busy working the past few weeks getting my son's GSP out and into some Quail. She is 16 months old and I got her a few weeks back to train her. She was a yard and house dog until she got here, she now has a home here where she goes hunting everyday. She retrieves to hand and is one long legged dog that has come along way. After several weeks of hunting her with my other dogs, she finally nailed her own Covey twice last week in one day.
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Sorry for the multiple posts. I am trying the new photobucket app for the IPAD
Yeah, it sure helps when we have plenty of Quail for a change. She definitely has progressed in the right direction. Not yet solid on Whoa command yet, but we finally have the Honoring solid. She was giving me a run for my money at first, but patience and the right opportunities proved to be the winning combination. But man can she run, just needs to slow down and use the 6 " of nose in front of her eyes.
looking good! yes..its fun to watch the light come find some sheds as well???? I've been looking myself but no luck yet
Been finding sheds every day
Nice pup and nice sheds. I have a new one as well. She's 8 months old and I have been able to get her into birds this year. Poor scenting conditions over this way. Hoping for some moisture... There's a lot of brood stock out there! Moved 3 coveys in an hour and a half yesterday, but couldn't seem to have any luck with the singles. The humidity was around 30%.
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Been into birds just about everyday. This pup is my son's, he bought it in PA as he is stationed on the East Coast. I wish I had her earlier in the season, but she has come along way. Birds, birds and more birds at this age is what it takes. I'm easily been getting into 5-7 coveys a day. Scenting condition along with high winds but I still go out, mainly for the pup.
I've not done quite that well, but definitely happy with the number of birds I'm seeing on the place I hunt. The three coveys I found yesterday, have not been busted yet. They were within a 300 yard stretch on my way back to the truck. It was so windy and dry. Got points on the coveys, but lost the singles. Had some gun issues, so called it quits. I'll be back at it early Saturday morning.

One covey is going to be in for a rude awakening during breakfast. I know right where they'll be. At the very least, I am SO optimistic for next season. This time last year, I was thinking that my bird hunting days may be over.
Mother Nature is the key to the success of Quail. I spent a lot of preseason with whistle counts and it has payed off tremendously this year. I know we had two hatches this year, I hope and pray for the same next year. Ditto on the dry conditions, my older dogs keep me in the fight on bad scenting conditions. Would just love to see this pup excel with better conditions as she outruns her nose right now.
I keep waiting for that damp, misty morning. I have plenty of birds to kill between now and the 15th:)
Gettin er done Okie! Nice pup and nice pics! Glad she got out of the house and into the bird fields. That'd been a waste as a house dog only. Keep those birds multiplying. Steve and I may need to steal some to restock after this snow!
A few pictures of Sally. I had her out at work when we were setting out Coyote Bait for some Preditor control. She was bored and decided to point some Quail.

We have been working on Predator Control pretty hard the past few years. Seems that it has helped out significantly in Quail and Fawn recruitment this year. About a week left in the Quail Season and we still have lots of Coveys that have yet to be touched this year.
I'd say try to be a little careful taking too many coyotes. They are more of a plus for quail by eating nest predators as part of their own buffet. Putting the whammy on coons, skunks, and possums as well as dillers won't hurt! Keeping the rodent population in check has shown to be beneficial to quail as well. Coyotes help with that too.
Been finding a lot of birds here... Moved a 20+ covey this morning that was still on the roost at 10:00 AM. They hadn't moved an inch. We have a couple of inches of snow still on the ground. Finding nice coveys and the weather is looking to moderate a bit this week. Carryover is looking good where I hunt. They sure acted funny in the snow today. Sometimes they would hold tight, sometimes they wouldn't. Hard to figure. Found plenty of birds on my last two trips.
Definitely has added some change in the birds nesting habits here. They have timbered up and are sticking to cover, where a week before the snow they were out in the open areas in good clump grass. The snow has drifted enough here where foraging for food is not an issue, but it will put some added stress on them. Carry over as you have pointed out is the best I have seen in Ten Years. Now for some timely moisture during the nesting season and mild temps this summer could make for an explosive season come next year. If Mother Nature is KIND!