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  • Mr. rascal how are you? Name is taz gerstman. I am looking for somewhere to carry my father in law pheasant/quail hunting. I have heard a lot of good things about south Dakota and Kansas as well. what are your recommendations regarding Kansas? Thanks
    Hello Rascal. if you're ever looking for someone to go with in this barren wasteland they call Illinois ill run with ya. Names Jim from down here in Waterloo.
    yes...your more likely to run into a "nice" bird hunter than a nice waterfowler...but theres certainly enough jerks out there as well. but they are everywhere no matter what you doing lol
    Yes sir. Bird hunting reminds me a little when I was active in the Marines, a few do it but those that do it care so much and are tight nit. And I use to waterfowler hunt but those I did it with were lazy and and snakes. Bird hunters that I know are the most caring people I know including my father.
    well. I was an upland bird hunter first..since I was a little kid. then I started dabbling in waterfowl...I liked it alot but still my first passion was upland birds. then I got lost somewhere in my 30's with the waterfowl stuff really bad. I split my time half and half with each.....I pro staffed for waterfowl companys and a call maker but still could do my bird hunting too....then the rug got pulled out from under me and I got laid off from my job of 22 years.....I got offered a job by a big call maker and started working for him and that was that till bout 2 years ago. I won't ever give up my bird hunting again for anybody...life is too short.
    thanks for the update...sounds like you had a good day...I will watch the video...
    Rob, we didn't get any snow around here that amounted to much. I hunted today and got into 4 coveys. Saw a few pheasants, but none of the roosters wanted to play. Loading a video of some of todays action. Will post it once its uploaded.
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