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  • hi. where did you get your setters? I have an 8 year old irish setter, starting to look for another dog, and I really like English setters also.
    thanks. get to hunt this weekend? do you guys have any snow on the ground? we got a storm the other night...have 6 inches plus on the ground and ice....I'm chomping at the bit to come out there...


    if and when you decide on a aya in whatever gauge, something important to consider. the older guns, like just several years ago were not proofed for steel shot and there has been some problems in those guns. the last couple of years they have proofed them and the water table and the barrels will be stamped with a fleur de lis, kinda like a three pronged weed. i'm shooting steel in mine when i have to and as i have been making a few trips to wyo. it is required. with open chokes and # 6 shot, you are pretty safe, it is the closed chokes and larger shot that gives the problem. steel is important as you can never fig. the direction and restrictions we may face before we are too old to give a hoot


    got the walk shoveled, like your attitude toward your dogs, pretty realistic, more should share it. if your are happy, i'm thrilled. a few here seem to be tooting their own horn probably cause nobody else will and they ought to be razzed. hope your team does well in their changes. broncos have struggled for quite awhile now
    well im not that sure i have only been in the area once norton seems to have more crp that is south of there thanks im sure i will need lots of luck but there will be 6 of us might be able to box them in but you know how that goes lol out the sides
    are you going out west this weekend i think i am going to stay at oberlin this weekend i like that area those motels cant be any rougher than the ones we stayed at in norton
    Good news: I just talked with Carol Durtschi at Pheasants Forever and she can save us a table at the main banquet on Saturday night (or the dinner on Friday night) as long as we have 10 paying customers.

    Here is what you need to do to RSVP your seat: Call Carol at p. (651) 209-4939 | f. (651) 773-5500 | Toll Free. 877-773-2070 .

    Have your Credit card ready to pay for whatever portion of weekends events you want to buy and tell her you are part of Chris Hitzeman - Ultimate Pheasant Hunting Group. If you have already sent in your aplication or paid online no problem just Call carol and mention that and also that you are part of the UPH group. In any case you have to call Carol and RSVP for the table and which night you will attend (and the lunch too). WE NEED 10 to get one reserved!!! Please also give her you UPH Forum User name.

    DEADLINE FOR BANQUET SIGN UP IS JAN. 31. Carol will keep the master list for the dinners and lunches so I will know who is going.
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