Lets See Your Dogs..post some pic's

One DIRTY bitch

I know this is a pheasant forum, but I figured you guys might enjoy these pics... It was warm, still and foggy on Saturday - very tough for the dog on our morning upland hunt so we packed it in early and swapped blaze orange for camo - headed out to the foggy mud flats to try for some waterfowl. We did OK considering the condtitions - managed a goose, two teal and a mallard.

We had some good laughs at Ruby's expense though, I've gotta say. First she fell off the edge of the mud flat and did a face-plant: "Phantom of the Opera (marsh?)".

Then after chasing down a goose in the mud she celebrated by finding and "smoking" an empty shotshell casing (she does this all the time for some reason). I looked over my shoulder and saw her sitting there, in true lab form, totally oblivious to the state she was in, "smoking" her 3.5" Fasteel Kent #2, and nearly wet myself laughing!

:coolpics: There is something about the dogs personalities that just makes you smile when they do things like that. :)
Zeke aka Big Dog

This was my GSP at 3 yrs old. Had to put him down in Sept. In rememberance of Big Dog!:(
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Spent most of the day Saturday scouting land. Hit it hard on Sunday and found the birds. Should have had three more but winged them and never found them..
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Congrats! Nice job! Wish I was with ya! Our season don't open back up till Mon., and I'm itchin!:10sign:
This was Gracie's first hunt in Michigan's U.P. 10 months old pointing lab
Here are a couple of Tony I think are good. Click on thumbnail pic's and they enlarge for you.

The pheasant is about a 12-18 inches under that clump of weeds. I call it "found ya."


This is Tony relaxing after a hunt with his cigar


Tony with a typical point for him, Notice he is partially smiling. When he is smiling fully, he is ugly in my book. I ask you, do dog's like Tony love their work?
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Two of my favorite shots:

On the last day of the 2006 season, I was hiking into a remote cattail slough between Webster and Conde, SD when I took
this shot of my Springer, Rosie. Turned out it was worth the hike as we came out with a couple roosters in the bag.

We were hunting some CRP SW of Regent, ND in Nov./07 when I took this shot. After coming out of the CRP, we tossed
our birds in the grass and Rosie laid down in front of them as if she was watching over them.
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Beautiful dogs

Here are a couple of pics of my two dogs. Jill the pup is 5 months and Jack is 2 yrs.

Here is Jack.

And Jill the puppy


Wow, what beauties.

Taking a break at the summit.


One of many successful days Fall 07.


That is some big country. Where, may I ask, was the top pic taken?

Hopefully these will load. 1.) My new pup Maggie Mae at 6.3 mo. (Her first hunt) 2.)My go-to dog Bobbie 9.7 yo. 3.) The master and her pupil

What a perfect looking Brittany field dog.
What a Day!

I was pretty proud of my little Ruby on Saturday...
2 black ducks, a mallard, a teal, a pheasant and two woodcock! A day to remember for sure!


What a day you had with your beautiful, skilled dog.
Great GSP

This was my GSP at 3 yrs old. Had to put him down in Sept. In rememberance of Big Dog!:(

Terrific looking dog. You could give a gift to Pheasants Forever in the dog's memory.