Lets See Your Dogs..post some pic's

oh ya ..that is Josie in my avatar...she is my go to dog when i have to find a bird...she is a pointing lab out of "shooters point " Kennel...awesome dog
Here are a couple of pics of my two dogs. Jill the pup is 5 months and Jack is 2 yrs.

Here is Jack.

And Jill the puppy

This is my boy "Cutter". He's an awesome dog and companion. We are anxiously awaiting the opener. Don't let the one photo make you think I ever spoil my dog in any way!:eek:

Good luck to everyone getting out there.

Youth hunt...

A boy and his dog (first time out for both). Spent the first part of the day working the feilds on our own and the second half with the game commission on a supervised hunt...
Score - birds 5 hunter 0. But they are both learning.

Youth hunt with a well educated dog - same day. Same score - birds 2 hunter 0.

Hunt set up by PA game commission (and supported by a number of volunteers) was excellent. He learned hunting is not as easy as the adults who have a number of seasons under their belts make it look.
At first he was frustrated by not dropping the first birds we kicked up. He now understands its hunt (not killing).

Best part has been he now takes the dog out for a quick morning train prior to school.
Small Munsterlander

You are correct! What a dog! I was introduced to this breed by my sister who also lives in Sioux Falls, SD.

Why doesn't everyone have a few of these dogs? They are great!
Taking a break at the summit.


One of many successful days Fall 07.