Hemp/CBD Oil for Dogs


Not sure if it relates, but I tried hemp oil for a month and wasn't able to detect any decrease in joint pain. I'll be sixty in a month, have always enjoyed powerlifting and hope to continue for as long as I'm able. (At this stage, the competition is dying off, so if I can stick with it for a few more years I may eventually have a shot at the podium...) Was hoping the oil might roll me back a few years back in terms of aches and pains, but unfortunately that didn't turn out to be the case for me. I've got an EP with some joint issues and would love to get another season or two with him, but after my personal experience I don't have much confidence in hemp oil being the answer.


I used it when my dog had very hard pains after a surgery. It helped her a lot to get well. Pets shouldn't even smell it! I had been smoking cigarettes and cannabis before I discovered vaping for me, especially with cbd oil, because of this i became much happier becausei didn't need anymore to go out. I was slowly replacing smoking with vaping. The best alternative for cannabis is cbd juulpods what i am buying from online at knockoutcbd. It has similar effect as usual cannabis and the taste is amazing!
Well that’s a pretty solid argument against CBD. I don’t want my dog as dumb as this guy.


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Yes, after hip surgery, we gave our dog a few drops of cbd oil to ease the pain. Before that, we consulted with the veterinarian and he said that the most important thing is to choose a quality product, because oil can be an allergen. It was not the first time in his practice that he had given oils to animals and so he advised https://www.healthcanal.com/best-cbd-oil since this tool has already been tested by time and animals react to it more than normally, so if your case requires the use of oils, it is worth taking the risk under the supervision of a doctor
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I've got my dog on cytopoint as well. Previously on apoquel. He seems to be a lot more comfortable with the cytopoint. It's been a battle the last two years with his allergies He's 10 and they just seemed to come out of nowhere. To get back to dakotazeb's original question, I tried the CBD oil for 6 weeks, and saw no difference in his itching/scratching. CBD didn't seem to help my dog at all. I can't speak to the flexibility as he has no stiffness issues, and I was so focused on his allergies I wasn't even looking for stiffness changes.

So far the cytopoint has been a god send. It's costing me about $65 every 6 weeks, hope I can move to every 8-10.