Good bye Copper

Matt D

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Every dog owner knows eventually that day will come when it is time to make that final trip to the vet. Yesterday was that day for me and Copper. I have posted a lot of pics of him over his 14+ year life of chasing birds in 3 different states. Yesterday we had a banner morning dropping 6 birds by noon. I knew the last few days that the time was getting closer and it became clear yesterday morning before we headed out that it was time. I had been telling him for the last week as we bounced around SD to give me the sign when he was ready and he did that yesterday. We got lots of great pics with him and the other dogs, let him roam around in the ditch a little and then after a tough 10 minutes of sitting and holding him we headed out. As we left the vets office there stood a magnificent rooster basking in the sunlight which seemed fitting.

Below is the last picture that me and my buddy had taken together. Some day we will chase birds again but until then the memories and pictures will never allow me to forget him. Rest In Peace Copper.



Truly sorry for your loss; you definintely did him right in his final days. Memories of times afield with our dogs serve us well after they are gone.


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Copper looks at peace in your arms. You gave him a great life.


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Matt, so sorry to hear this but Cooper had a GREAT life and you were both lucky to have each other. The bond between a man and his hunting companion is something others just can't comprehend . RIP Cooper you did your breed proud !
Just read this through tearful eyes. Ye did Copper well as an owner and he gave it all and then some back to ye. Endless birds for ye on the other side Copper and Godspeed. Peace to you Matt, ye did the lad right.👍

Irishwhistler 🍀🇮🇪🇺🇸