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  • Hi FB. My name is Dan Donohue. I am in Delco but spend a lot of time in Berks. I don’t know if you live up that way. Of interest, there was recently a 77 acre field gifted from Hawk Mountain Sanctuary to the Game Commission in Albany Township. It was normally planted to corn by the prior owners. It looks like it is coming up in grass and oats now. I don’t know if it was planted as cover or just left fallow (looks like a cover planting to me). I hope they keep it in grasses. It’s not enough by itself but it is a start.
    I am not interested in a pup. I would prefer a started dog. I will be retiring in Feb. 2017 and that is when I will be ready to get serious about looking for a dog. I am just trying to find a good reputable breeder here on the East Coast within reasonable driving distance. I go to South Dakota every year for wild pheasants with a group of guys and a couple of them have Springers that I have hunted over. I really like the breed vs. other breeds I have hunted over.
    Last Monday I picked up 230 chicks from the PGC. This is the most we ever got from them. I have not lost any birds in the first week which has never happened before. The more I do this the more I learn. Just got to keep the cats away!
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