Flea and tick


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I've used Frontline for as long as I can remember with multiple dogs. Has always worked very well with no side effects.


I switched from Frontline to Bravecto a few years ago and have been very satisfied. I went away from frontline due to the need to avoid water for 24 hours after application. If I go south to train or compete during the winter I use Credilio as it’s a monthly dose. I don’t care for Seresto as I don’t like to leave a collar on my dogs all the time.


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I second the Bravecto...did a lot of research with my YLF over a year ago, and talked with my Vet.


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Used Frontline for years but last time the vet said an oral, Interceptor Plus, was better. 100% effective and the dog eats it once a month like a treat.
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I've been happy with Seresto collars or Bravecto pills. Both have performed well. I was never happy with Frontline, I seemed to find lots of ticks when using it.