Blitz is gone


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I could tell that Blitz's pain was getting worse and we decided to end his pain today. I stopped by the flight pen to let him get a good whiff of what he lived for. When I got him out of the truck he had a little extra spring in his step. He enjoyed this. Thanks for the memories Blitz!

He was 10 years old. Bone cancer took him too soon.

Blitz by Brian Bauerline, on Flickr

Blitz by Brian Bauerline, on Flickr
All Dogs go to HEAVEN...imagine the birds he chasing now!

It's scary how fast the time is going. I can remember when Blitz was the young dog in your group. I want to personally thank you for sharing all the great moments you had with Blitz,it was like you and your pups were part of our hunting group. All dog owners feel pain when they have to put their friend down, but I believe the pain is even deeper when it's your hunting buddy. The bond and memories are immeasurable. You were both very lucky to have shared a life together. Maybe God knew Nittany needed some company! Thoughts and prayers to your family.
Thanks for the comments. I have a lot of good memories to look back on.

Dan- I remember too when he was the young one and rough housed with Nittany. And now they're both gone. I know you're familiar to this feeling as well with your past dogs. I'm glad I stopped at the bird pen on the way to the vet. I could tell Blitz enjoyed it but I could also tell how hard is was for him to move with his leg.

Thanks for the well wishes.
Very sorry for your loss. Tough pill to swallow. You did the right thing as hard as it was to do. He's pain free now.