Are you staying home?


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Don’t eat out for a month before or after the trip, or cut out superfluous expenses like $3 coffee, pull tabs/gas station gambling, etc, etc. lots of room for most of us to save a few hundred bucks over a month or two…
It's March Madness cut out gambling after the tournament is what I think you meant to say.....:unsure:


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Stay home !! No way how…not even a passing thought

Lets just use this as an example..
1000 mile round trip..(just my average)
Gas @$3.00 gal =$150
Gas @ 4.50 gal. =$225
$75 dollars difference!! Big deal😳
20 mpg? you driving a mini van?
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Staying home? Nope, Ive even made 7 trips to Chamberlain to boat fish since season ended.. If not for the house build, Id be there again now.


Benny and myself will be there. Get that big dodge all fueled up and ready to fly for some roodog smackdown. I can not believe anyone who would think of not going, that's messed up.


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everyone has different levels of disposable income. At current prices my gas round trip would be about $650 per trip. Gas only.
Agreed. What some people are willing to pay and what others are willing to pay, both in terms of monetary value and time, are a matter of relativity. No way I'd spend 650 bucks on gas to hunt a pheasant, ever. But that's me. You have your will power and I have mine. Hopefully its just a temporary increase. Based on the recent decrease of the price per barrel, things may be easing up some.


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Adding a trip to North Dakota and just got the confirmation of one, maybe two, South Dakota trips.

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Nope. Life is too short and I'm on the "shorter" end. Fuel prices are a concern, but as others have noted, how much does it really add to the cost of a trip? I'm actually more concerned about the lack of availability of parts, particularly computer type parts. We were in New Mexico 3 years ago and had a "speed control computer" go out on our 2020 Duramax. The vehicle was entirely inoperable. Back then, we found a GM dealer that had 2 of them, so $1,000 and a half day and we were back on the road. I'm guessing that part is virtually unavailable now, and who knows how many other essential "computers" are on that vehicle? That said, we are still hunting.