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    Pick up your empties!!!!!!

    Im getting sick of walking on private land WIA’s and picking up empties from inconsiderate hunters. CO’s walk in areas are primarily private land, pick up your g*d d@#n empties so we don’t lose more land from the landowners. This should be common decency, but obviously it’s not. Rant over.
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    First time hunting CO, Blues or Roosters?

    Monday will mark the first day i can get out to hunt birds in CO. I'm planning on either hunting the NE for pheasants or searching for some blues in the South central part of the state. Anyone have any suggestions? I'll be driving from Castle Rock hunting over my Brittany.
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    Places to pay Trespass fees for a day or two?

    We are doing a hunt with Uguide in December. I may or may not come out a few days early to hunt public land. I was wondering if there are any farms that anyone knows of that charge trespass fees to allow a person to hunt for a day or two on private land. Thanks in advance Jet
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    Back from Winner with report!

    I just got back from summer camp to see my dog near Winner. Im not sure what good pheasant numbers look like, but we saw a ton of birds! The trainer said it looks like the numbers are as good, if not better then last year. He said that there seemed to be a late hatch with a lot of young...
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    2nd hand Winner/Ideal bird report

    Deleted so post doesn't turn into a pissing match. Was just trying to be helpful and tell folks there are a lot of birds near Winner.
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    Uguide Jbar Report

    Just got home this morning at 5 AM from hunting 2 days on public land and 3 days with Uguide (We left SD at 5 AM on Saturday morning and got caught up in the Blizzard... What a mess). This was our first time pheasant hunting in S.D. and we had a blast. I did a lot of research and even met...
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    Disabled hunter question.

    A group of us are heading to SD next week to hunt on private and public land. One of the guys is a disabled Vet who can walk, but not for very long. He uses his Polaris Rhino to get around. How will that effect him when hunting public land and the Walk In areas? Can he use his Rhino in the...
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    Headed to Highmore, looking for public land.

    A group of 5 of us are heading to Highmore next week to hunt on Uguides JBarLazy7 farm. However, we are leaving a little early and want to hunt public land for 2 days as well (possibly the entire trip if we don't find birds on the private land). Even though we are staying in Highmore, we will...
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    Public land near Pierre?

    My dad, brother, and FIL are heading to S.D. in early December to Hunt with Uguide at their JBar farm. We were thinking about comming out a day early and hunting birds on public land as well. I believe Jbar is about 40 miles east of Pierre, is there any good public land out in that area? I...
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    Uguide South Dakota

    Anyone hunted with Uguide in South Dakota? Im thinking pretty seriously about pulling the trigger on a hunt but would like to know if anyone else has hunted with them. Seems like a pretty good operation and good prices. We are planning on hunting the first week of December. What kind of...
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    Uguide SD?

    Has anyone hunted with Uguide? Im hoping to plan a trip next year with my Dad, Brother, and Father in Law. We will have 3 Brits and would like to hunt for 3 or 4 days. We are a group of 4 and Chris says that after December 1st a couple of the areas drop from minimum of 6 per group, down to...
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    Looking to plan a trip next year.. Need help

    Im looking to plan a trip to S. Dakota next fall for Pheasants. I will be with my dad and father-in-law and will have at least 1 brittany, and hopefully 2 or 3 more. Im really open to anything except the high price pay to play lodges. Id like to hunt public land and possibly even private land...