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    Camping during the phez season?

    Is camping legal on North Dakota public land parking lots? Camper? Tent?
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    Advice on cocker spaniel puppy

    I am no bird dog trainer but many of you are pros. what are some good things to do with my pup to start him out. I introduced him to a dog trainer yesterday that said he wants to take him later this summer when he gets to be a little older. Until then its up to me to start the process. My pup...
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    Probablitiy of running into other hunters afield

    I know this question might be hard to answer. However for those of you who hunt public lands, wma's, or PLOTS in ND for pheasants how often do you run into other hunters? My time frame is the first weekend open to out of state hunters.
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    Want to buy a few adult live phez.

    I want to buy some pen raised birds to get my weimeraner ready for our out of state hunt coming this fall. Anyone know where i can do this. Im located in Licking Co. but will travel if needed.
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    What type of cover to hunt in first 2 weeks?

    Whats your cover preference in the first 2 weeks of the hunting season? Is there enough success to suggest it for a self guided group which is made up of guys with very different experience levels? Reason being is some friends of mine have seen some of the videos posted in these forums and...
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    Pheasant and Duck hunting near LINTON ND?

    anyone have hunting experience for Phez/Duck near Linton ND.? coming to hunt this season from Ohio, looking for a good combo area. Maybe a one day guide for both species anyone you would suggest?