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I live currently in Utah, but grew up in Eastern Oregon and have lived in Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and now Utah. I would travel across the country for really good quail and pheasant hunting and often do.
Where are you located? I am in the planning stages of a multi state hunt this fall and have a friend in Colby where I can hunt.
how do I find other Missouri quail hunters within your organization? I have a message I would like to post, but can't find other MO quail hunters to send it to. I guess I could post it to ANY quail hunter, but would prefer to find others in my state for now. Thx
thinking about going solo to ND next season, tough hunting, any general areas you could recommend?
also, how does the electronically posted ground work?
is there anyway to get landowner numbers and get verbal permission?

thanks, richard
Hi Birddude, I moved here 3 1/2 years ago from the neighboring communist state of Illinois. I got my first pointer at Thanksgiving of 2020 and she has been a lot of fun. She is a GWP named Sophie. Glad to meet you.
That is what I hear but I have been unable to get on any. Been to the shooting preserve where I got my GWP and she does well there.
Yeah, Its sad even when you find them, they either get up wild or when they do hold, can't find the singles. yesterday found three small coveys. One dogs pointed only saw tracks. 2nd got up 50 yards in front of dogs. 3rd held and my pup flushed them.
Thanks for your reply! Please tell me more about the breedings that you went with, and also about your started dog. I read everywhere about field trial washouts or culls that don't make a field-trailer's string at around 9 -18 months. Who would you call if looking for a suitable started dog, and who might you avoid? Tons of dogs on gundog central, but I don't know who to trust and who is just trying to move a dog.
Thanks so much for the reply - I'm considering going the started dog route as well, mainly to ensure that the dog already has a solid(ish) retrieve. It seems too dicey to go with a pup in these breed even if there are retrieving parents IMHO. Did you go with a field trial washout? Thanks again!
Yes. Mine was a NSTRA dog. I went started dog because I don’t have access to pigeons to get a pointing dog started. All I have done with mine is run her regularly to keep her in shape, reinforce a solid recall and whoa, and run her on wild birds.
Shells went to post office today.
Tracking number as follows
9505 5134 7290 1331 5488 14

Great photo of a successful day afield ! thinking about mid-end of next week . could you get away ? my plans are still tentative.
Jim s
Was a great opening day for certain! My dog Birch just turned 6 and is hitting her stride. Thanks for the invite, and normally Id be in, but next Friday im heading to southern New Mexico for a week as I drew a pretty rare Barbary Sheep tag. I may spend a couple days chasing scaled quail down there as well. Will definitely be looking to get out the subsequent weeks. My number is 7199669021 if youd like to chat
Good luck in N.M. went out for Javelins a couple of years ago down there. Big country !
Hey! Just got back from NM, ended up tagging my sheep opening day! My friend who was hunting with me from Idaho and I are free all week if youd like to get out sometime to chase some roosters this week, let me know where to meet!
Thanks for the reply. I have a couple of guys set up to hunt with me next week, but after that my plans are open. I will try and hunt through mid-December depending on when our next Grandchild is born. I will keep you advised. So, tell me a little more about you and the Ruger. Thanks again !
Jim s
Hi. My wife and I will be in Goodland Kansas starting about November 20 and staying until we give up - probably a month. We have two labs. Wife is also a photographer that likes to hunt with me (she doesn't hunt). We wouldn't mind driving up to Phillips County if you want to set something up. My nephew is a veterinarian in Sterling, lives in Fleming.
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I've always wondered how the hunting is around Goodland? I pass by it every year.
I will join you in December, if that's ok. My little yellow lab has hunted many hours with other pointing breeds, usually GSP's.
Where do you usually stay/ motel/ etc. Like I said, I would enjoy a meet/hunt whenever available.
My email is
Just a thought, I certainly do not want to butt in.