Uploading Photos


So how do we load pics? I tried from my phone and it won't work do I need to load them to my computer desktop and add them that way?


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That is how I did it. I will have to try using my phone to see if it will somehow work.But it did work pulling them off the computer.


To post a pic. all you need to do is on top of the post reply box pick the tree in the picture frame. It's the third symbol from the right. Then a pop up box will appear asking if the pic. is in your computer or a URL (external picture host) this will be at the very top of the pop up box. Assuming your picture is in your computer/phone pick computer. Then you will get choose file , tap it then the option to take a picture, or photo library, pick photo library. Once you have picked one of your pictures, it will appear next to the choose file tab, now tap the Upload files tab right below the choose file tab. That should put your picture in your post. The maximum picture size is 5 megapixels, if photo is to large you will get an upload file failed message. Hope this helps. Nick