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The party is over, here is to another successful upland season, hope everyone has a good “offseason”, here’s to catching crappie and finding morels.

Lointer Man
For the off-season, I have a pile of rifle rounds to get reloaded for prairie dawgs in June, sometime I will need to reload half a case of shot shells (a few nights will cover those), have a bunch of plum pit seeds I am going to try planting again this spring. Will need to prep that area as soon as the frost is out and replace any winter-kill pine trees and maybe add a couple more fruit trees. And planting and maintaining the garden....I will be busy. I hope we can keep some traffic here until fall.
The party is over, here is to another successful upland season, hope everyone has a good “offseason”, here’s to catching crappie and finding morels.

Lointer Man
I am curious Lointer.......where are you crappie fishing? Morels make you a westerner!
I'll have a few more trips to the Chucker farm as I call it. Let the grandsons shoot some birds. Got some more dog training to do. Got some guns to tear down for a deep cleaning. Then some bush hogging and clearing of some trees. I'll try and stay in shape for turkeys. Then a summer of fishing and shooting.
Are there huntable quail populations on BLM land near and around Carlsbad to make the 500+ mile trip worthwhile? Have thought about it for years but been hesitant because of hunting alone at 75 yrs w/my GSP. Give me a reason to come. 😊
Come on dude, I’ve been saving a covey just for you!
I would love to! But I have orders from my wife to never take the dogs into rattlesnake country! With my luck I would lose a dog. Then, while I was in the hospital, she'd divorce me. She might get everything. Wind up in town in a single room apartment. Then develop erectile disfunction and a bleeding ulcer at the same time! No more sex or beer forever!! Sometimes all I can think about are desert birds! Believe me I've given it a lot of thought. Do you really think it would be worth all that? At the moment it's 50-50!!!!!:unsure:
Dude if you plan a trip to the desert around good weather snakes will not be a problem, it was 72 degrees following a warm night the other day when it was on the road….. as for the other activities your on your own. Good luck with your decision!
New Mexico beckons. You will never be younger. Desert walking is fun! I’m almost 70


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Quailnerd let's trade a NW Iowa rooster hunt for some quail since birddude won't take you up on it 😁 p.s.....I'm also terrified of snakes lol
Burddude been hunting since 2017 in New Mexico and Az. When temps get up to 60 or so , I start back to truck. Snakes in that temp are lethargic. Likely If out they are sitting sunning themselves next to a den. I have Never seen any kind of snake here in the higher elevations, like sw New Mexico or se Az. Is it possible yes but during those years I’ve been fortunate! Put it on your list. Dogs and you need the exercise!