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I know this is an odd question but here goes nothing. As I sit in my office waiting for fall to hit I think about pheasants. With tattoos becoming some socially acceptable nowdays I have been thinking about possibly a pheasant tattoo. Has anyone seen a well done pheasant tattoo? I am thinking black and white with shades instead of trying to match their colors. Any pics anybody has of some pheasant tattoos or at least maybe some good pencil drawings?


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Joel, you must have too much time on your hands! :) Can't say I've seen a pheasant tattoo but they have to be out there. Check out this site for some ideas.

I have just one tat from my Harley riding days. It's a Screaming Eagle on my right shoulder.


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I'm not into tats myself, but given the beauty of color on a pheasant, why not get a colored one? A good tattoo artist will surprise you. I'd check the internet for a good one.


Just be sure to look at the artists previous work and make sure they are good enough. There are a lot of very mediocre tattoo artists out there.. Expect to pay a premium for a good one.