Spring Birds


Looks like the birds made it through a by & large mild winter in great shape. Seeing lots of them along the roads...


Being seeing a few about us also. Also, seen some dead ones on the road due to vehicles.

Hope we get out of this cold snap. Monday was a weird day here, snowed and blowing at times couldn't see across the road. Then 10 minutes later the sun was out. Did this all day. Snow is gone now and supposed to warm up. Hope it stays warm for the nesting season (and not so wet like last year!)

Hey Labs, love your location handle!




seeing a lot of roosters in my area....did some food plot planting...need rain. Was disking an area near food plot to try to enhance/agitate ground to access seed bank. Had a pheasant hen slowly walk out in front of the tractor. I stopped and saw my disc was just 3 feet from turning her eggs under. 11 of them. I backed the disc out and got out of there. surprised me as the cover was so sparse I didn't think a hen would nest in it.
ND GFP spring crowing counts are up 15% statewide, with variances being 1-18%, all to the positive...I have heard good reports about this spring...
nd got some good rain yesterday...further west...other areas around the state have gotten some decent rain in the past week, according to "current climate summary maps"....minot and bismarck each got around 1.5"
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Yes, good rains the last 4-5 days. Some areas over 6" but most in the 1.5-2.5" range. Pretty good severe line went through the Mott-Elgin-Flasher area tonight, hopefully not too much hail...