Sharps and huns

I hunted eastern Montana from Glendive to Culbertson. it was wonderful, sharps everywhere plenty of pheasants. I guess I haven’t figured the Huns out.
Ok folks, I make no bones about my opinion of goosy, or nuge or what ever the hell he wants to call himself....but if you think he know's anything, please look closely at the pic he just tail? Watch him change it , LMAO.
I’m headed to that area tomorrow morning for the week. Looks like it’s going to be a warm one! How much snow is on the ground? Just curious on how messy it’s going to be! Thanks in advance
Sure, I used to offer farmers birds, but they never took one.They can sluice a bird any time of the year, if they are so inclined. Most of them dont eat pheasant.
i was back to the post about offering steak...and I said hamburger i am suggesting a sharptail! just kidding around...