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I'm pondering a trip out to ND in the near future. Going to both Teddy Roosevelt parks. Toy hauler with a motorcycle. Gonna camp in the North unit. Any don't miss things I should see ? Preferably kinda off the beaten path. Has the oil boom ruined that area ? Suggestions appreciated. Thanks much.


Hi, you picked a great part of the state to visit. Some really beautiful country out there. If you travel thru Bismarck, you'll want to check out our new Heritage Center (basically the state museum). It's free and has a lot of great exhibits that covers the history of the state. You can also check out the Killdeer battlefield, not a whole lot there, but still interesting. And of course there's the Medora musical and town. You can get a travel guide form the state with all kins of sites and info;


The oil patch didn't effect the area, the main drilling was north of where you want to go, so you should be just fine.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your visit to the state and I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip.


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The oil boom has slowed down in that area so it's not much of an issue. One thing that I would recommend that you not miss is the Medora Musical in Medora, ND. It's held in an outdoor amphitheater and really worth going to.


If you’re looking to spend some time “ off the beaten path”, The North Unit is by far, the place to visit, and camp. Good choice on your part. I believe it is the prettiest of the two, and not nearly so popular with tourists because it’s so far from the interstate, and offers no tourist attractions other than the visitor’s center, and the park itself, with it’s own beauty. A much more intimate experience, IMO.


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A little south of there is the enchanted highway. Great 30 mile trek south of interstate 94 with some cool large pieces of artwork along the way.
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My wife and I experienced the "Enchanted Highway" last summer. Well worth the time to view some amazing art - some 40 to 50' high!


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No rifle needed.

Oil drilling is picking up pace, but not in boom mode.
The number of active drilling rigs in North Dakota is currently at 60, data by the North Dakota Industrial Commission shows. This is way below the 190 active rigs in early April 2014, but double the 29 rigs in April 2016.
Permian basin is where it is at now. Oil boom will focus more on West Texas (bigger and closer to where it is mostly used).
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