My WY Mule Deer Hunt


This is mountain country 8-9 thousand feet. I like this as well as the badlands except the elevation is a little hard on a MN guy. The hunt began on Oct 15 and I was on a 4 day hunt. Right away opening morning passed on a opportunity on a 24 inch 4 pt. I have this thing about filling the tag 1st day ] Anyway by the time the 4th day arrived I was punishing myself, hadn't seen much for deer especially bucks. Thought tag soup for sure
I was pretty much finished with the long hike and turned back toward the truck. One more canyon to get across and a pretty deep one. I was getting worn out. Couple shots down the canyon. Good place to sit back against a rock, take a breather, put on some nutrition. Maybe 15 minutes spotted this lone deer across the canyon up near the top. Binos, sure enough a buck, looked fairly high, couldn't tell the width. I thought if he stops I'll take a shot. He did and I missed. Got a better position with the pack on a good rock, he stopped again. This time a good hit. He made a crash against a large deadfall that echoed across the canyon. The deadfall as it turned out kept the buck from rolling to the bottom. [I was VERY lucky] 50 feet to the top and another all down hill pack. Brought out the rack and 20 pounds. Waited till morning to get the rest out. MAN! I was worn out, but totally happy with the adventures and views in the mountain country.



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That's sweet! :coolpics:

I would love to do something like sometime. I have a buddy in Sheridan and he works 4 months out of year, hunts and fishes the rest.

Beautiful scenery!


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Nice Buck

Never shot a Mulie, lots of Whitetail but no Mulie. Maybe next year. we are applying for west river SoDak and east river Sodak.


There is something about the BIG country outwest that just keeps me going back. I do and enjoy the White Tail hunting here in NC MN. That wide open high country out there is so much different.
This is Region E South of the Bighorns Ummm about 75-100 miles.


Southernblues, you would really be surprised. This area is in about 10-12 inches of precipitation annually.
These Mulies, also a good Elk population feed mostly on the native warm season grasses. Do very well, fat as WT's in farm country. Well adapted. These native grasses hold the nutrients even when dry.
Plenty of White Tails in WY but not in this type country.


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I hunted the Big Horns in the 70's but haven't been out there since 1978. We hunted up in the mountains between Buffalo and Sheridan. Went up into the mountains at Story. The trails out there were only accessable at that time by foot, horseback or dirt bike. We took dirt bikes up and rarely saw another hunter. Now they have groomed the trails and anyone on a 4-wheeler can get up there. So much traffic they almost need traffic signals. But it is some beautiful country. Nice pics and nice muley.