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    Don't waste your time. The one area that held birds last yr, is no longer in program. But still shows on the map. Have you tried Hillsdale? I got a covey or two off that couple of yrs ago.
    hey southern are those walk in spots above iola any good for quail i was thinking just driving down and looking and hunting for a day ???
    So I'm looking at around $50 to $100 for the hunt? That's not bad and I should be able to swing it. I'm headed to Hill City this weekend for a hunt and when I return I have to move into my new house so I should have that completed before you decide to go and hunt. Just keep me posted..
    How much does the chukar hunt run? I may be interested, depends on work but I should be able to work something out. Good luck with your hunt sir....
    I think that we're headed out for the final weekend of hunting season. We'll leave KC Thursday night, stay in Ellsworth and hunt Friday, Sat, and part of a day Sun before heading back to KC. Dates--leave KC 1/28 return 1/31. The leave date isn't set in stone yet. Just an FYI..
    I already have a trip planned for the 16th. (Contractor is taking me hunting) but maybe the 23rd or the last weekend. I'll have to check with my events planner(wife) but I don't think it will matter. I'll definately let you know..
    I may be setting up a weekend hunt in January in Central and Western Ks if you are interested. It would be Me, KansasBrittany and maybe a few others. I'm not looking for hunting with a huge group, just thought that I might extend the invite..
    Hey -- since the end of the season I hadn't done much checking back was a catastrophe...disorganized trip with no planning at all. Spent most of the weekend driving. It was the WINDIEST I've ever hunted...real warm too. Hopefully next year will be better!
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