My Bob


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Condolences, I wish sometimes they would just fall over in the field stone cold dead, doing what they do best. I guess when it's my turn I wish I could go the same way. It probably isn't any easier though!

quail hound

I am very sorry for your loss, I know how hard it is. She was a beautiful dog and it seems you have made some wonderful memories with her.


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Sorry Bruce. Yea that serum would be nice, or at least one that makes us feel better when we lose our best hunting buddies. They give us years of hard work, dedication and love. But they give us great memories and always give us a chance to enjoy another down the road. Tears fall when we look a new pup in the eye, we look for a twinkle from days gone by, give em a hug and start a new beginning. It is not an easy thing we all have to go through and I feel your pain. She looks like she was a wonderful dog. It is hard to understand why they can't live as long as us, they seem to even deserve it more than we do. Hope you feel better soon. Take care.