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  • @dave I will be in Kossuth west of Bancroft. The best thing you can do is get a Sportsman Atlas. There is quite of few Public spots around Bancroft. They will be burnt off quickly by other hunters opening weekend. If your BinL knows some people he might get you a stretch or two of private land. General habitat is good around Bancroft. If you don't have land set up by now, it could be rough. It usually gets better after opening than that weekend. Sorry couldn't be much more help.
    @ ia lab my dance card's full right now for opener. I will be in area for a couple of weeks, so pm me if you want to connect sometime.
    Hi, Cackle, We hunted down in Srory county for the last 15 years but it dried up. my brother-inlaw's family is in Bancroft. He doesn't hunt but do you know the county? Is there public land around and are there usually good numbers? He said he may be able to point us in the right direction but I don't know what that means because he doesn't hunt at all!! Let me know what you think of thcounty and file a report if ;you can,

    i will be hunting opening weekend in northern ia. prob an hour and a half from mason city. i saw good bird numbers at the end of the last season. let me know if u want to go.
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