Live Pheasant Photos

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Nice fellas! I'm lucky to get them with the 20. Harder for me with a camera. The last day of the season, the camera cost me my last bird of the year. It happens. Disked fire breaks the last 2 days and am seeing quail each day. No pics, sorry! I'm also seeing several road runners.


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What a great idea for a thread, and what amazing photographers have contributed to it!

Congratulations, folks. Keep 'em coming.



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You have taken some magnificent pictures. I was messing around with the primitive photo-editor on my computer and tried some effects from it on one of your images. I really like the way it turned out.

Hope it pleases. I think it would make a great letterhead image for you.



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Hettmoe? You have taken some magnificent pictures.
I agree. I was telling him he could send his photos into Pheasants Forever. They could make the cover of a magazine or their calendar!

Some of the best pheasant photos I've seen.:thumbsup:



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Really cool thread. Thanks for sharing these photos.
Makes me think I need a better lens to take some pheasant photos.