Let’s talk chaps


So after many years and 100,000 miles it’s time for new chaps. I like my Nitelite caps and will probably order another pair but looking to see what you guys use. Lightweight is a plus.


Assless. �� I’ve never tried chaps. Duluth briar pants is what I wear. However, I found some lighter ones at bass pro I’m gonna check out.


Thanks guys. I had Filsons years ago but the are heavy and hot! Stopped by cabelas and there house brand of chaps looked nice. I will look at Mules.


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I bought Cabelas brand to use for hawking because I didn't have enough brush pants to wear every day. Plus, they are nice to just pop on and off over jeans.

The cabelas brand ones are light and I got two extremely abusive seasons out of mine so far. That is 3 months of 4 days a week. The bottom cuffs are starting to come out, but otherwise, they are still functional. I can't imagine NEEDING anything heavier than these. I walk though rose, plum, tree piles, honey locust, those damn green vines that are covered in needles... When I'm hawking, I'm going through that stuff the whole time, nothing like how I would walk around it when I am following my bird dogs.


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My Five Star chaps from Dans arrived and will make their maiden voyage to SD this weekend. They are very stout including a full side heavy zipper. $65 Dlvd


It took well over a decade to destroy a set of Filson single tin chaps, I have been wearing a set of Filson double tin chaps for the last 3-4 seasons, Yes, they are hot, great for cold weather, but over 20 degrees, a different style would be welcome. Haven't needed to re-wax these, a little wear being around the cuffs. If I find a warm weather pair, the current Filson's might last as long as me...I'm 56 now. I will also check out the designs suggested here.

I see the Filson has a "lifetime" guarantee on their stuff...think I could get a new pair? My old single tins are missing the bottom 5-6 inches. Not that I think they could have done better...they put the warranty on them.

I see "normal wear and tear" is not covered...oh well, they lasted better than my expections.
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I bought a couple of pairs from Gander Mtn. before they flipped to RV's. Very light and work great. Not sure the brand or where you can get them so basically I'm no help at all...LOL!

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I've been using the nitelite chaps for several years. I like the lite weight and they have been more durable than i thought they would have been.


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Thinking about a new pair of chaps. I want light weight with a full length zipper. And I mean full length so the chap completely opens up to put on. Suggestions?


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Thinking about a new pair of chaps. I want light weight with a full length zipper. And I mean full length so the chap completely opens up to put on. Suggestions?

The best chaps I have owned. Can’t tell they are even on. Made fir you and wear like iron. The price is hard to beat. Made for rabbit guys and they hunt some nasty stuff.


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I coon hunt, rabbit hunt and bird hunt with dogs and for me I love my chaps from Dan's! I'm in it all and they do the job!!