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I almost sold these 2 last year (after my dad passed away), and decided I would try to keep them. However, I just can't devote the time they deserve when I have 4 other dogs. I have one solid liver male that is around 75 pounds and one liver roan male that is around 65 pounds. Just turned 2 years old in march. They have both been exposed to birds and gunfire. The liver backs and retrieves naturally and the liver roan does it once and then won't the next time (just needs some more exposure and confidence). They have both spent time inside as well as a heated/airconditioned kennel. I can send pics and bloodlines if desired, but the bloodlines have a lot of Sir Henry Higgins (2008 GSP of the Year). Please no kennels or breeders, I want these 2 to go to a home that will be permanent (and if it does not work out, I will take them back). Tough decision, but I feel like it needs to be done.

I'm located in Oklahoma.
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Where in Oklahoma are you located ?


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I will be in OKC this weekend...where are you? I would like to see the two.


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The pedigree I have is run by another forum so I will only email the link if requested and not post it on UPH. And the dogs are in Ada, OK right now. However, at this point both are spoken for, if something changes I will let you know.


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I can send pics and bloodlines if desired, but the bloodlines have a lot of Sir Henry Higgins (2008 GSP of the Year). .

Just a plug for Higgins offspring. Actually it was "GSPCA Hunt test sire of the year" for 2008, in which he sired more pups who have successfully attained a hunt test title than any other. This says something about their ability to be trained.

For those familiar with GSP lines, Higgins is double bred DC Stradivarius Baroque and ultimately the very popular and successful DC Hillhaven's Hustler bloodline.

Anyway, I have a male out of Higgins and can vouch that he throws a lot of himself in his offspring. The common trait in Higgins bred pups are very eager to please and highly trainable.

I have actually hunted behind Higgins himself (rest in peace old man) and what a joy it was. Very steady and natural in anything he did. Not a run-off and hunted for the gun. Very comfortable to walk behind.

Here's a picture of Higgins in his prime

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