Crop progress


A lot of crops were planted early in the NE part of the state thus maturity should be early as well. Pretty sure soybeans will be coming down next week.


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looks like a big swath of rain over SD this morning. too late for the corn and soybeans, but will sure help replunish the subsoil moisture levels.


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Drove through SD early this morning en route to ND for sharps and huns. Most soybeans I’ve ever seen in SD. Seriously think there is as much soybeans as corn if not more. I guess a lot of corn already harvested / bailed due to its condition. Saw 3 pheasants total driving the corridor from Mitchell to Aberdeen early this morning. I was a little discouraged to say the least.


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A neighbor started corn, he said it is 20 % moisture. I have driven from here to Wessington Springs a few times lately. I don't see any road kill pheasants. Not that I like to see dead pheasants but it is an indicator.