Aberdeen or Watertown?


I broke through up on the high line of Montana. It was 10 below, and windy.The water was chest deep.I threw my gun, and was able to climb out.Luckily, the truck was only about a quarter mile away!! My good hunting buddy, also fell through at the same time, 200 yards away from me.He was up to his neck. I never want to go though anything like that again! I will never hunt that ice again, we both could have died.20 below wind chill.Be very careful on ice! It isn't worth it.
Was your buddies name—-Walter Mitty:rolleyes::


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Was your buddies name—-Walter Mitty:rolleyes::
Lol. He was good at getting permission, because he was a country type, and he spoke the lingo.The thing was, he just loved to talk.One time he spoke for 5 hours without stopping on that long cruise out to eastern mt.


Not only good at getting permission but good at getting out of neck deep water after breaking thru the ice. Did he ask for permission while in the water as well?
I think I will passing on my usual late season hunt up around Aberdeen this year, and work on putting more venison in the freezer down here in Nebraska.