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  • Sounds good buddy. I might have to venture out that way and look for some sheds maybe later this week. Haven't seen any turkey at my usual spot this year either, but I know there's a few flocks on the lake property. If it comes down to it, I may be chasing Toms up there as well.
    Yes, that's where I was last w/e. We shot 5 roosters and I scratched down 4 quail.....other party members got a lot of shots on quail, but their inexperience didn't do them any favors. We saw 4 or 5 coveys that day. SO, quail ok, pheasants, not so great. Yes 5 is pretty decent but we have some prime spots that we hunt every year, so we know how to trap em' to get shots. None got away.
    Nope. Had a doe scare the shit out of me, that was about all. I'm heading back to my "usual" spot tonight for one last try at a buck.
    Yes sir... I thought I sent you a PM, but I must not have. I found a spot just West of Valley Falls that looked perfect - I sat in a tree line with a view of a milo field, corn field, and bean field, but didn't see a thing. Noticed several "mature" tracks though... If all else fails, I may have to try to spook some up from the creek beds during the day.
    You need to hunt north around webster lake lots of walk in areas and lots of birds
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