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  • Hahah! That's awesome! I just replied to your post in the turkey hunting thread. Nice bird sir... well played! I bet it was awesome seeing that big fella come walking out of the fog.
    Thanks for the notification!! Friday will be the first opportunity I have. Baseball practice tonight, soccer practice tomorrow. Hopefully it is not too late by the time I make it out.
    I finally blew one away yesterday afternoon. Seen two henned up on my way to the blind. I'll post it up later on that turkey hunting thread. I'd still like to get one with my bow this year, but wanted to make sure I filled at least one tag while they were hot.
    Sorry Tim but I thought I had replied earlier. That's interesting regarding the story of released Rio's dropped off by Nebraska. It makes sense because you definitely have one.

    I love those hunts that just work like magic. This year hasn't been so kind to me though. How have you done this year? Keep me posted!
    Nice birds in the photo... is the bird on the right a Rio? It sure does look like it. If so, where did you guys find the mixed bag o' turkeys? Around Hutch perhaps? Good luck this coming season!
    Have you done any quail hunting locally yet this season? If so, how's it been? Feel free to send a response in email form if you don't want it sitting on your page. I've hunted several spots in Wabaunsee county w/ marginal success. I'd say it is about like last season, though covey sizes may be a bit smaller. I'll spend the majority of my season S and W of Salina.
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