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  • Well I live in Nebraska, but my wife's family from there and I go down and Quail hunt a lot. We might be moving there in Sept depending on job. But I only know a couple of guys that bird hunt. Most a them like their ducks but not me cause the less the quail hunters there to more opp I have.
    i will probally be hunting the audabon area my self opening day. i know it gets real crazy over there opening weekend there is a lot of people if you want to give me a call maybe we can hook up and hit a couple of fields Derrick 701 690 1895
    gsp...getting my dog some topping off. Holding nicely, tracking and retrieving nicely in the field as well. Starting to ramp him up in hopes of getting on some birds this season. Probably get him on some grouse early. I've heard of rooster sitings between Minot and Grand Forks. How is Garrison looking and what are your thoughts on Audobon this Fall?

    Interested in a possible hunt?
    i'm seeing alot of roosters and a few hens its very wet down here in garrison also hopefully they have a good hatch and we dont see any more big storms or hail that would hurt the population pretty bad right now
    i would love to take you and your dog out. just curious where did you get your dog from? i'll be doing alot of traning this spring/summer on quail. maybe we could get together and run our dogs
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