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  • Few birds north of Aberdeen than there are SW of town. Although I have had some decent luck on public land NW of Aberdeen. Too much cover now to really see many birds unless you are out either at sunrise or sundown when they are coming to the roads for gravel. Sorry I won't be around to meet up with you but I'm moving to Watertown, SD at the end of September. Plus I'll be in Colorado elk hunting the second week in Nov. Going to have to find new areas around Watertown so not sure how my season will work out. Good luck when you come out.
    Loch hasn't been on since 6-12. I don't have his phone # any more. Don't know what to tell you. I enjoyed your pics though!
    Thanks for the comment on the avatar; he does look angry, doesn't he?
    yah they are great quality.. I'd recommend them to anyone! the color ones are so accurate and no boxy type of pic.. no worries.. you can post a link of what you bought if that would be better for you. again youre welcome!
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