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  • Tom,

    It was good talking to you Saturday at the youth day thing @ Chatfield. Thanks for taking the time to teach my daughter a bit about shooting. She talked about it all day. I won't be able to make it to the Sporting Clays shoot on the 10th. I'll be out at GunClub Labs getting my dog ready for the APLA hunt test on the 31st.

    I also remembered where else I may have seen you. Were you shooting clays out at Colorado Clays a couple of Saturdays ago? I was the guy who found your shooting partner's choke tube set that he left at station 13. Small world.

    Dave James

    Just got to my mail. Thanks again for driving out. Sorry we didn't get into many birds but that's hunting. Have a Merry Christmas and we'll talk after first of the year.

    Hello PoL just wanted to say hi I am back from school. Got back earlier than I wanted but such is life sometimes. Thanks for the invite before I left I didn't get it in time due to my puppy deciding that computer cord taste great I was unable to access the site computer went dead but anyways i look forward to talking to you over this loooong off season.
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