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    Good days in Kansas

    That's the first good report I've heard about Kansas this season with the ongoing drought. We're you in middle Kansas? Tom
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    Welcome back to the forum. What area do you live/hunt in? Good luck with the GSP. Tom
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    Pay to Play rates in SD

    Well our group of 6 did a 3 day "pay to play near Winner 10 days ago and my 8 mo old yellow lab pup retrieved over 30 birds. It was like a trip to Disney World for him.
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    Not an Ideal Start to the Season

    Thanks for the report Walk. It mirrors what I heard from my buds the last two weekends. I was glad I joined a SD hunt over the CO opener. My 8 MO old lab pup Tucker had a great trip, retrieving about 30 birds. He can hunt his whole life in Eastern CO and not retrieve that many. S Dakota-Disney...
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    Parkin' lot at the huntin' spot

    Depending on the weather and what motel I might be staying at in eastern CO, I often field clean a bird off the side of the road. I travel with a complete cleaning kit, including a plastic basin, 6 gal. Water jug, zip lock bags and trash bags. I take the bird refuse with me to dispose at the motel.
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    Killer traps

    The Felco C7 cutters for up to 5/32" wire rope are $65 on Amazon. There are a couple of other brands, also for up to 5/32" wire rope, for $15 to $20. Do any of you have any experience with those? I did order the kits from the MN Trappers Site and watched the Idaho videos. Thanks, Tom
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    Experiences going from one bird dog to two?

    This past week during a 3-day hunt in western NE (report previously posted) was the first chance to see 8 mo old lab pup Tucker in a wild field. Sometimes I ran them both, sometimes one at a time. The first day it was just us. With both out, Tucker spend a lot of time just chasing Brady around...
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    Parkin' lot at the huntin' spot

    Leave no trace and try to pick up after the slobs is my operational plan. Tom
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    South Dakota Trespass Fee Connections?

    Kooch runs a great shop in Winner. He has helped set us up with local guides in the past. Tom
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    South Dakota Trespass Fee Connections?

    The next night I had a PBR.
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    South Dakota Trespass Fee Connections?

    Well heck. For nostalgic reasons I just had a Hamm's beer Thursday night at Ole's Big Game Bar and Steakhouse in Paxton, NE Thursday night after hunting. It went down just fine, along with the ground bison steak. Tom
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    Western Nebraska Report

    I would stake a guess that 50% of the corn was still standing, some of it as a failed crop. I'm hoping that all the birds we did not see were hiding in there. If you are going to get a point or flush a bird in the field, it's more often a hen than a rooster. The absence of hens was perplexing...
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    My Buddy

    What a great sister-in-law. I wish I had more pictures of all my past labs.
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    Western Nebraska Report

    I returned to Denver Saturday night after 3 days hunting and scouting western Nebraska. Starting from scratch after not hunting this area since 2019, I started scouting/hunting as soon as I crossed the CO/NE line on Hwy 23 just past Venango. I was working toward Ogallala where I had 2 nights...
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    Columbia Lightweight Brush Pants

    Thanks BC