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  • jim, if sometime you are going to be near some place where you can get reclaimed shot let me know, could use 50 #'s and I could get it from you at the next shoot.


    Basspow send me a email . I used to be basspow, but I am now powbass. Powbass@gmail.com. I also live in the springs and hunt around Rolla and Walsh.
    Good news: I just talked with Carol Durtschi at Pheasants Forever and she can save us a table at the main banquet on Saturday night (or the dinner on Friday night) as long as we have 10 paying customers.

    Here is what you need to do to RSVP your seat: Call Carol at p. (651) 209-4939 | f. (651) 773-5500 | Toll Free. 877-773-2070 .

    Have your Credit card ready to pay for whatever portion of weekends events you want to buy and tell her you are part of Chris Hitzeman - Ultimate Pheasant Hunting Group. If you have already sent in your aplication or paid online no problem just Call carol and mention that and also that you are part of the UPH group. In any case you have to call Carol and RSVP for the table and which night you will attend (and the lunch too). WE NEED 10 to get one reserved!!! Please also give her you UPH Forum User name.

    DEADLINE FOR BANQUET SIGN UP IS JAN. 31. Carol will keep the master list for the dinners and lunches so I will know who is going.
    iI was over there about a mo ago. Around Rolla. Not as much corn this year mostly Milo. Most crops harvested Saw a few birds around Walsh co.
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