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    Mid January '21 hunt

    It was a fun trip . Was nice to meet you and your cousin. Heard you bought another dog. Do you still have the little female you had on the 2018 trip ?
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    been out yet ?

    Anyone been out grouse hunting yet ? I'm heading to the northern lower the 22nd-27th to try my luck. My Small Musnsterlander watched me pack the gear in the truck tonight and has been at my hip all night. I cant wait to get away from the hustle and bustle of life for a few days and into the...
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    running the dog

    Out for a run put up 2 grouse and 6 woodcock. ran through a field looking for pheasants too, found a roost but never found a pheasant. Anyone else been out.
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    michigan morels

    found 10 blacks in southwest MI Saturday. My 5 year old daughter got to picker her first mushroom.
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    Wall Tents / Army tents

    Thinking of picking up a used army tent or a Wall Tent. Would like to get as much infor about what you guys and gals think of these. I'm thinking 1200.00 to 1500.00 max it what I could spend. 14'X16' with a stove for cold nights and days. give me some pro's and con's please if you have any...
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    husqvarna YT42XLS

    I'm thinking of buying one of these and was wondering if anyone had one or maybe has heard if they are a good yard tractor
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    Winchester model 1907 self loader 351 cal

    What do you guys and gals think of the Winchester model 1907 self loader 351 cal. My wife's grandmother asked me to clean her deer rifle for her and that's what she handed me. She said after I clean it just to keep it at my house because she doesn't think she could shoot a deer anymore. The gun...
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    woodcock or grouse anyone ?

    Any Michigan Hunters having luck bagging thunder chickens or timber doodles this year. I went out last Sunday for the first time this year flushed 7 grouse and 4 woodcock only fired the gun once on a grouse but missed. Still lots of leaves on the trees I guess will be my excuse for this one.
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    Ruger broken again

    I love to shoot my red label 20 Ga but missed out shooting it at skeet for a few months three years ago because the barrels came apart right at the muzzle end of the gun. I sent it in to Ruger for repairs and they fixed it for free just in time for the grouse opener. Now shooting it yesterday at...
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    baseball football cards

    So I have a few thousand cards and 90 percent of them are not worth anything to anyone. But I do have some cards from the 70's that I would think someone would want. I don't know much about cards and I know the industry went way bad. I have called several places that wont even look at my cards...
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    board in training ??

    Will have a new pup some time in September. I have a professional trainer only 5 miles down the road from me who I have stopped in to talk to. I will also go to see him work with some dogs as much as I can the next couple of months. He has a board in program that goes for 10 to 12 weeks and will...
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    2003 harley

    friend of mine just put his bike in my yard to sell. Its a 2003 sportster 1200. Only 1900 miles on it asking 6,300 it in really good shape. I think that's a little too much but I don't know much about bikes
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    need a new job

    I need a new job. Also need to make about 50,000 per year to keep up with my bills. Problems would be I have been in the same business for the last 18 years straight out of junior high and through my high school years don't know much else. I never went to a University after high school plus...
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    navhda testing

    I have been to the web site a watched a few u tube videos. I want to hear from people who have been through the different types of test. What do you think of the test are they too easy or too hard and do good scores really tell about weather or not you have a good dog or not. I'm hoping to get...
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    hunters moon

    I'm going to meet Kevin at Hunters Moon Kennel in Grand Rapids MI on Saturday Anyone here gotten a dog from him or maybe know of him