running the dog


Out for a run put up 2 grouse and 6 woodcock. ran through a field looking for pheasants too, found a roost but never found a pheasant.

Anyone else been out.
where did you run into the woodcock at still waiting for them in northern lower. did run pup last week and flushed one grouse no woodies.
Allegan Co.

I feel like more are still on the way. last year I found more but it was the last few weeks of April
I live just south of Traverse City was near the Manistee River 2 days ago, dog pointed one woodcock, one pat (ruffed grouse) and we moved 3 other pats. Total time out was 1.5 hrs. We should have a few more opportunities before the 'quiet time' starts...after the snow tonight melts at least.