baseball football cards


So I have a few thousand cards and 90 percent of them are not worth anything to anyone. But I do have some cards from the 70's that I would think someone would want. I don't know much about cards and I know the industry went way bad. I have called several places that wont even look at my cards and the other places are such a far drive that I'm not sure it would be worth driving to them. I just want to get rid of my cards and not get ripped off for what they are worth. I'm tired of them taking up space in my closet. I don't ever look at them or anything they are just wasting space and I'm sure someone would enjoy them. I just didn't realize how bad card trading had got.

Ringneck Redneck

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In the magazine section of the store they usually sell a guide that tells how much the cards are worth. You would probably have to buy one for baseball and one for football. Cards from the 1970's do have some value. I haven't checked the value of my cards for over ten years, but at one time my OJ Simpson rookie card was worth around $100. You might be able to google the prices. Good luck.