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    Sometimes--We hunters win!!!

    You are looking at a wet, tired, but very content hunter after a little over 4 miles logged in the fields today. Sophie and I began our journey on public today. We worked two hen points and noticed numerous tracks. Reaching the field edge provided our first indication of the residents--seven...
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    Of resilient runners, drift dodgers and moonscape marvels!!

    Hello All, My son's military friend since grade school is back for two weeks and wanted to shoot an Iowa rooster!:) I shared we could help with that. We traveled to Northwest Iowa today and put in our time on public and private ground. The good was sunshine and little to no wind. I actually...
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    Just a little pumpkin!

    My son's harvest from shotgun one season yesterday. This deer came from public land. We are in NW Iowa and the antlered only seasons have finally made an impact!:) We had a previous bow-kill buck so meat was not the issue. We set out to harvest trophy bucks. I had numerous does and 4 to 6...
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    Public Paradise!!

    Sophie and I headed out after the awesome Iowa game to some of our favorite public hunting land each year south of Ocheyedan and Emmetsburg. We love the smaller public spots south of these towns and the awesome cover it seems they have every year. Doesn't hurt that there are many of them...
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    Sophie's Choice

    I asked my girl this morning if she wanted to chase roosters. She immediately went to the door and waited. That is as strong a "yes" as you are going to get from Sophie.:p We head to western Iowa and Donna's place. Many of you will remember this one of a kind creek with cover and the...
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    Just before ten a.m. with bright sunshine and 32 degrees. Northwest of Clear Lake and determined to "hoof it" through at least 3 public parcels today. As we begin I notice the snow is wet underneath with a wet heavy feel to it. I realize this is not going to be easy travels as snow is deeper...
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    Plan B Please!

    My son had to leave me yesterday evening. After breakfast Sophie and I do a quick review of our options. We can drive home:mad: We can hunt public :( We can find a recently picked cornfield and knock on a few doors.:) I learned a couple of years ago that the drainage ditches are darn near...
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    Another Hawkeye Win!!!

    We set out for Pocahontas area today. Weather conditions are fabulous with 50's to start and 60's by noon. I am sure some of you were wondering when we would make our annual trek back to the pipelines and sloughs.:p We set out just a little before nine. Breakfast was good and we got to...
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    As good as it gets!!!

    Hunting solo with Sophie today and what a day it was!:) This morning was perfect with no wind, sunshine and a light frost on the crp. I am at one of my honey holes today. Didn't want to take any chances as our 8-0 Hawkeyes play at 2:30. We went to work at 8:05 in the a.m. Our first three...
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    Opener-that is more like it!

    Phone call this morning at 6:30 a.m. The usual suspect called to tell me he just pulled up to the farm house and wanted in on the action. After breakfast and early service we hit the fields at just after 10 a.m. Glorious weather to start our hunt. We are at the slough and weedy draw where we...
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    Cold, Wet, and Flighty

    Sophie and I began our 2015 season at the family farm in Northwest Iowa day. Bird levels appear to be about the same as last year--you will remember we saw decent numbers last year here. Birds were extremely flighty today with the drizzle, rain and mist. We only managed one hen point and one...
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    The Grinder

    I deduced that the birds would move to heavier cover today with the impending snow storm. Heavy cover that is 1/4 by 3/4 miles. It does take a toll on you. Sophie and I enter and I see tracks everywhere. We begin our work. Our first two points are hens and they are sitting tight. Heavy but...
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    Freezer birds

    Had some farming operation business to take care of today in Bremer county. Any of you with some "experience" under your hat will remember that Bremer county used to be one of the premier pheasant areas in Iowa. Sophie along for the ride and I decided it would be tough going as I planned to...
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    Merry Christmas!!

    My son and I thought we would share a Christmas photo of the way an evergreen should be decorated this time of year!:D May 2015 find all of you healthy and prosperous! May 2015 find our greatest game bird continuing to make a comeback across the pheasant belt! Merry Christmas and god bless!:)
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    Standing Corn? It's been that kind of year!

    :laugh:Spent this sunny and windless day in the Emmetsburg and Spencer area. Love the numerous and smaller public areas that are suitable for upland hunting. My first parcel was occupied by some second season deer hunters so I decided to "scout" on my way to the second parcel. I never made...