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My son's harvest from shotgun one season yesterday. This deer came from public land. We are in NW Iowa and the antlered only seasons have finally made an impact!:)

We had a previous bow-kill buck so meat was not the issue. We set out to harvest trophy bucks. I had numerous does and 4 to 6 to 8 point basket rack bucks in "kill zone" over our four days. Glorious weather also. I cannot complain about the opportunities this year to harvest a deer and that has been awhile coming here in the Northwest corner.

What I wished to share was the "odd" places we were jumping only Ralphie Ringneck.:) In the middle and edges of picked corn fields. On the edges of soybean fields--most had been put to disc. We jumped birds out of the deeper furrows. Finally, in the grass surrounding the swine confinement units.:eek: This last one is a new one for me in my experiences and I felt it had to do with the height of the grasses-no mowing since September and the warmer weather we are experiencing. This happened four times so I do not believe it is a fluke.


Sophie and I will be back after the birds this week and intend to focus on some of the areas we "discovered" during deer season. Always amazed how I continue to learn new things.
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Nice !!!!

That's one of the biggest public land deer I have seen congrats !!!

One of my deer hunters discovered a timber covey that I didn't know about , how fun to discover new honey holes, half the fun is the exploring new places


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KBell - My apologies, I tried to edit your post to embed the pics, but I broke something along the way. Don't have access to photobucket at work, so will replace your links when I get home, unless you can edit them back in first.


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That is a beautiful buck, public or private land. Congrats to your boy! And, nice to get a little rooster schooling while you were at it.