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    Thanksgiving Hunt

    grats-good times with your dad! Sounds like you had a heck of a Thanksgiving week!
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    Public land hunt report-turkey weekend

    i'll be up there soon as it gets cold again. Bob-you oughta try conditioning your dog to come or sit on "vibrate" mode on your collar. I bet he'll turn a corner sooner than you think. Anyway-a day in the field with the dog beats sitting at home everytime! Glad you got out.
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    Good days in Kansas

    Nice going Bluesky!! Sounds like your pup is coming along well! A well trained shorthair is hard to beat for longtails.
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    Heading to South Dakota

    Is there much snow on the ground Blackelim?
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy thanksgiving Folks!!
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    Lock and Load for the Opener

    GL to you all going out this weekend! Looks like some good weather for it
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    Birds in light grass

    Probably an older bird too?? The older always seem to do this stunt- even in the thick stuff!
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    Western Nebraska Report

    I saw a lot of birds last year in northern Nebraska while driving home to Tx from SD. Haven’t seen any yet this year…..
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    A bird hunting buddy of mine who has never been to Iowa ever killed a limit before noon on public this morning.( I talked him out of going to Kansas this year- I don’t think he’ll want to go back!🤣)
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    Early season- IC
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    Lock and Load for Nebraska

    Good luck BC!
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    2022 Season In Pictures

    Just got back home from ND. Covered a lot of miles- birds were “spotty”. We were in them or we weren’t- staying mobile was the key. Saw a lot of birds no doubt- had some long 400 and 500 yard races. LOTS of Huns- hunting them in October is not the same game as September! They had our number...
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    Gas Prices

    I just got back from ND. Diesel was in the neighborhood of $5.49 to $5.90 in nd and sd. And it’s about to go up again…
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    Is South Dakota just hype?

    You guys are going to have a blast!… looking forward to the pictures!
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    Non-toxic shot: The whole truth

    I just bought 4 boxes fiocchi last week- lead was $15/box. The steel fiocchi which I’ve never shot before was $17/box. I started loading up on steel as I plan to hunt a fair amount in Iowa this year- not sure if I’ll go to Kansas at all after the opener this year.