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    Hunting Dickinson ND this week

    Chapstick and a pair of cheap wrap around glasses! Into the wind all day long on a cold windy day is rough
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    2023 Season Pictures of Birds, Guns And Dogs

    Thanks G! My brother and I were there for 4 days. With 2@ 8 yr old GSP, 1 @ 4 yr, and a 1 yr old that flipped a switch on this trip!
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    Bound for South Dakota

    Put those Brittany’s to work! I’ll be watching for your ldp’s soon enough! Good luck and safe travels!
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    Wirehaired vizslas

    Interesting new toy! 🤣 I’ve never seen one- keep us posted on your findings.
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    GSP getting cut up

    It could be cause she’s young or could be her style of running… too early to tell! Our TGK shorthairs do not run like this- they grew out of it fairly early. Our rusty clown shorthairs - run super hard like this! We pick and choose who gets to run depending on size and type of cover we are in.
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    Dodge 5.9 Diesel. Cummins

    I wish I never got rid of mine!
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    Prairie grouse trip

    Amazing birds… amazing hunt!
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    Beretta A400 20 gauge extreme+

    how the shotgun fits you is going to have the biggest impact on how it shoots for you. With that said, I prefer to shoot beretta over benelli simply cause it fits me better. The beretta will have a noticeably longer butt than the benelli and will surely impact your shooting one way or the other.
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    What are you doing to get ready for the upcoming season?

    Going to bust a few clays when it isn’t 104 outside! Been walking 4-5 miles every morning with the dogs. Once it cools down a bit, I’ll staunch em up a little in the field. Honestly, ready to go and counting down.
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    Hunting 2 dogs

    As long as your female isn’t in heat- you shouldn’t have any issues. If you do out of state trips every year, I recommend having 2 dogs. One just isn’t enough
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    Hunting Boots

    Crispi’s, on their 4th season. Most I’ve spent for upland boots but they are the best boot so far! I still wear my browning kangaroo leather moc- toes every once in a while during the early season.
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    Thanksgiving Hunt

    grats-good times with your dad! Sounds like you had a heck of a Thanksgiving week!
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    Public land hunt report-turkey weekend

    i'll be up there soon as it gets cold again. Bob-you oughta try conditioning your dog to come or sit on "vibrate" mode on your collar. I bet he'll turn a corner sooner than you think. Anyway-a day in the field with the dog beats sitting at home everytime! Glad you got out.