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    back from the south!

    Well, we got back on Monday from our annual whirlwind upland tour, and it was as great as alwayss! We shot Sharptails, chukars, and of course a possession limit of roosters as well as a few released fbirds from a friend's pheasant farm. 5 days of hard driving dogs, lots of miles, and dirty guns...
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    opener coming this Monday!

    Well, the opener for 2014 is coming up fast, I've been down south though on one farm shoot for the SCI youth program, lots of fun! Won't be doing pheasants on Monday however, ruffed grouse only.:o Won't be back dow to pheasant country until the end of October, then look out! We will have a solid...
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    where is everbody??!!

    I didn't realize that we had a Canadian sub forum here, then took a look at the latest post- WOWZERS!! Where is everybody, you guys can't be out hunting 365 day of the year!!:D I'm up north in Alberta but will be heading out this afternoon for a bit after a bit for some ruffed or possibly deer...
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    roll crimped paper and brass case loads?

    Anybody here hand load with brass cases or roll crimped paper ? I use both with both black powder and smokeless in four gauges. DT
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    hammer double lover

    Howdy! New guy here, learned about this site from another forum. Been chasing winged things for well over 40 years with everything from 410's to bows, but my all favourite is a hammer double, preferably a black powder hammer double!:rolleyes: I live in Northern Alberta, but travel to southern...