where is everbody??!!


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I didn't realize that we had a Canadian sub forum here, then took a look at the latest post- WOWZERS!!
Where is everybody, you guys can't be out hunting 365 day of the year!!:D
I'm up north in Alberta but will be heading out this afternoon for a bit after a bit for some ruffed or possibly deer.
Was down south last week for an annual hunt for pheasants, we don't get them this far north.

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I would like to hear, learn more about Canada bird hunting.


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Pheasants in Alberta however have been on the decline for the last number of years due to a number of factors being blamed, but I believe the biggest is loss of habitat.
The has been a release program in place in Alberta for some time now. I can't tell you much about the rest of Canada except I know that many Provinces,Nova Scotia for one,have lots of pheasants and ruffed grouse as well.
Sharp tailed grouse are in the western provinces and are bigger than ruffed grouse.
place for quite a while, but as everywhere if there is a wet spring the hatch is poor, etc.
Oct15 to Nov.30.
Our seasons run from Sept1 in some areas to Nov.30, but the most heavily hunted areas run from Oct
The daily limit is two with 6 in possession.

I believe the release number for this year is 16,000 birds, but there certainly are wild birds about as well, and anyone who has hunted a public release site or a game farm knows it doesn't take too many days for a rooster that was pen raised to get very wary!:cool:

Our hunting up here is no different in style i would suspect than hunting them down south , dogs for the most part, and push and block techniques in the corn and cat tails.:)
My favourite areas to hunt are cariganas and other hedgerows, but we also hunt irrigation areas, etc.

I live up north and pheasants don't do well up here because of the lack of farmland, so when we venture south on our annual hunt, we also target other birds like Hungarian ( gray) partridge , and sharptail grouse as well, and i have a friend who has been releasing chukars in an area for the last number of years. They do well in our southern badlands and are great to hunt!
There is no season on them in Alberta, so we can hunt them at any time, the same as self raised birds that are released.
An individual can raise his own birds , a licence of $100 is required and must include the land description of where the birds will be released.
There are not too many game farms in Alberta where you can hunt released birds , but Wessex Game birds and White Wold Bird ranches are two popular ones, they also have chukars and Turkeys.

White Wolf is a great place that has a larger area, and Wessex , although smaller, has a very diverse cover, the owner grows corn, sunflowers, etc specifically for pheasant cover.
There was another closer to us, but he has since shut down and moved- it's too bad, because although his area was small, he had sculpted the land specifically for training his wire haired pointers and it was great bird cover!:)
both operators are fine people.

Up North here, ruffed grouse and spruce grouse are the main target, with Sharptails and ptarmigan also , with Hungarians a few hundred miles south .
The limits for these birds is five per day each with 15 in possession.