opener coming this Monday!


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Well, the opener for 2014 is coming up fast, I've been down south though on one farm shoot for the SCI youth program, lots of fun!
Won't be doing pheasants on Monday however, ruffed grouse only.:eek:
Won't be back dow to pheasant country until the end of October, then look out!
We will have a solid week of them and sharptails and Huns, can't wait!
Anybody hunting ditch parrots for the opener?
Your season is early compared to ours down here! Lucky:D

Best of luck to you up there in beautiful Alberta. Remember photos are always welcome around here.;)

Safe hunting
Well, here ya go then!:D
This is my son on our yearly pre-season warm up shoot on a farm hunt down south .
His gun is a 28 gauge FAIR that he calls his "grocery getter"
It's pretty much his only upland gun- I wish I had his restraint!!
Good pic, keep us updated on how your 2014 season goes. :thumbsup:
Good hunting!
Just a matter of days left here in Colorado, looking forward to getting everyone the rest of their sling orders and then I'm out to do my own hunting. Best time of the year!
Any success yesterday DT?
I can nock and arrow for whitetails on Monday, but still a month to go before a shotgun will boom here in Nova Scotia. Good luck, have fun, and x2 on the pics request!

Our Uplands are not open until the 15th of September. Outlook is not looking good for Huns and Sharpies. Phez to be determined. Too much flooding and canola crops. Really noticed how since the canola production has increased so much. The honey holes all over the southern range have become devoid of any birds. Good Luck out there.