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    Bird cleaning in Mitchell

    We like The Depot
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    Im going to try posting again bear pics

    Really nice Thanks
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    Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation

    Sdgf doesn't have anything to say about it
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    SD Public Land Poll

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    Is SD shooting itself in the foot?

    Sorry I thought I read on SD gfp 30 routes.
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    Is SD shooting itself in the foot?

    Benelli Banger I need help with the cost of taking the road survey. I never was a math major. Evidently it cost $700000. They have 30 routes which I read somewhere they run each route 4 times. They use the highest count per route for the survey. If that is right 30 routes times 4 times equal...
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    Habitat stamp Required

    Great post
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    Habitat stamp Required

    My group of 14 (including the kids) are commited to our annual trip to Sd. All of you resident hunters will be proud to learn that after 25 consecutive years of our family trip this will be our last. When you add the cost of a license and the $25 whatever stamp brings it to $154. The trespass...
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    Pilot program

    I don't think anyone has the right to trespass on another persons property sign or no sign. When I was a kid I hunted anywhere I pleased. I had no ethics. Now I only hunt where I have permission which usually means a fee
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    Brood counts

    They forget who the customer is
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    According to the South Dakota GFP the annual brood survey starts July 25 and ends August 15. What is your prediction for the state wide % up down or the same
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    16 gauge pheasant ammo

    I finally broke down and bought a new sweet 16. My question is what ammo do you use for wild pheasants?
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    guyndog Banned

    Careful young Jedi don't go down the dark side. Subject has been already covered ad neuseam. Started out as a joke but some guys got their panties in a bunch
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    Out west pheasant hunting

    Any of you Tennessee boys going to the dakotas to Pheasant hunt this year?
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    Middle Tennessee waterfowl hunters

    Just moved from Virginia to Tennessee last year. Just wondering if any of you guys do any waterfowl hunting in middle Tennessee. My group is hunting pheasants the 4th week of the season in South Dakota.