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    How are things shaping up for the hatch?

    Very Nice Thanks for sharing
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    How are things shaping up for the hatch?

    Awesome pics. Keep them coming. Thanks
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    mid January quail/pheasant hunt to north central Ks. ( staying in Lucas ). Bringing 3 Brittany's and a Lab.

    Out of curiosity, how did the state of Kansas police NR hunters during turkey season?
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    Coraville Lake

    Has anyone hunted around the lake this year. If so are there any birds up there. I’ll be hunting west of there this weekend just thought I’d ask. Haven’t hunted there in about 10 years. Last time we hunted there, the phez population was way down.
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    Summer Scouting

    My son and myself are flying to Kansas tomorrow for a long weekend of scouting WIHA for this fall. We normally hunt quail in NC Kansas, but this year we are going to go farther west hoping to find areas better suited for pheasant and quail. Hopefully all of the roads aren’t washed out. Do y’all...
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    Tough Winter

    How will this severe cold blast and snow affect the quail leading into the Spring?
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    Planting Season

    When does the planting season start for milo and soybeans? Is there a big difference in the start between eastern, central, and west Kansas
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    The opener

    It’s just around the corner. What’s everyone’s prediction for the birds this year? Up, down or about the same as last year?
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    Summer Scouting

    I’ll be in Iowa June 21-24 scouting for places to bird hunt this fall. If anyone wants to get together just let me know. Thanks!
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    Any Luck

    My son and myself will be in NC Kansas April 25 -29 hunting Kansas thunder chickens. Anyone having any luck?
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    Cold Winter

    It seems like every time I look at the weather in Iowa it is extremely cold or snowing. Do the pheasant and quail handle winters like this year ok, or is this the type of weather that can cause mortality for the birds
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    Iowa Quail

    Hello Iowa. This is my first post so I thought I'd tell y'all about my Iowa hunting experiences. In 1994 I made my first trip to Iowa with a friend and we hunted around Bloomfield. For a couple of Ga boys we had a blast even when the locals said there wasn't many birds. We knocked on doors and...
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    Hello from GA

    Hey my name is Wayne from Ga. I'm an avid quail hunter that also likes to chase a rooster every once and a while. Looking forward to the conversations