Wolf Creek week 10 anybody?


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Hey guys,

I am just putting the word out to see if we have any interest in a few days out at Wolf Creek Dec. 18,19,20,21? I do not have anything reserved but it looks like they are doing pretty well at this camp and with the 30% discount it could be a real bargain! Also looking for anybody who was at this camp this year. How did you do? What to expect? Etc. Looks like the minimum group size is 6 so we would need at least 6 committed guys to make it work. I might be able to get one or two to join me.

jimmy j

Was at Wolf Creek on week four and 11 of us got 70 plus birds. Lots of standing corn that was left for hunters and good cover and lots of birds and excellent house and pens outside for dogs. Also excellent place to clean birds and all in all was all first class. We did leave, on the day after the hunt, in a snow and ice event but while there weather was good. I would go again but already have obligations and really the only bad thing to me is the travel time and all hunters know if the hunting is good the travel time is well worth it. If have any other questions can pm me if want.